It Never Drains in Southern California

It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Festival
January 11th-13th, 2019

Tickets available at:

Museum of Pinball
700 South Hathaway
Banning, CA 92220

A Stern Pro Circuit Event

2018 Results
Modern Champion: Robert Gagno
Classics Champion: Raymond Davidson
Women's Champion: Danielle Peck

Tournament Rules for 2019 [DRAFT]


Pre-registration at
Adult 3-day pass (includes 2 Main cards) - $100
Adult 1-day pass (includes 1 Main card) - $40
Kids 1-day pass (includes 1 Kids card) - $15

Card prices
Combo #1: 2 Main Cards, 2 Classics Cards, and 1 High Stakes Card - $100
High Stakes: $50 for 1 Card
Main: $20 for 1 Card
Classics: $15 for 1 Card
Women's: $15 for 1 Card
Kids: $5 for 1 Card

Preliminary changes for 2019:

• All divisions be Card-based.
• Introduction of the High Stakes Division!
• Introduction of the Kids Division.
• Classics split into two days. Friday: Classics I, Saturday: Classics II.
• As with 2018, all 500+ pinball machines at the Museum will be available for play.
• Main will be a 5-game Card.
• High Stakes, Classics, Women's, and Kids will be 4-game Cards.
• Classics I & II will take 24 finalists with no "B" division.

2018 Tournament Lineup

Classics Games


Main Games


High Stakes Games


Women's / Kids Games